EFFECTIVE meetings


Enhancing Meeting Performance & Productivity

On and Off-Line


iSTAQ is an enterprise software solution digitally transforming meeting cultures, helping companies adapt to these rapidly changing times! 


iSTAQ drives team productivity and engagement pre, during, and post-meeting, whether it be held remotely or on-site.


Integrating seamlessly with Outlook 365 and Google Calendars and working in tandem with all the major video conferencing solutions.

Remote working plan

- have you got one?

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Fascinating Insights

- into your meeting effectiveness.

Planned Meetings 



Meeting TYPE & TOPICS set and agreed upon. 


Follow the agenda with the iSTAQ TRACKER. 

Purposeful Meetings 



TO-DO's recorded and shared digitally.

All notes saved in your meeting history.

Productive Meetings 



Anonymously rate whether the meeting was TIME 'well spent'? 


iSTAQ's VISION: Every presently focused meeting has a positive R.O.I.


- of highly effective meetings. 



Connecting all meeting participants, both remote & on-site, in the process of habitual decision making.

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Helping presenters, trainers & teachers to drive engagement & attention from their audience.



Become 'indistractable' and schedule times to share and evaluate ideas that need to be discussed.



Meetings to help you make the right decisions & delegate responsibilities to reach your goals.



- enhancing meeting performance and productivty.

Presently Focused Vision

Meetings have become dysfunctional, participants distracted and decisions rarely made, costing companies millions in lost productivity. The sudden huge shift to virtual meetings makes it even more challenging to run effective meetings. 


iSTAQ's Meeting Tracker helps ensure every meeting counts, both on and off-line. It is your decision-making, time-saving, procrastination killing machine! 

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Collective Values

Passionate about actively listening to our community, partners, clients and with those we are closest to, both physically and emotionally.


Transparent in our actions and ideas, to help foster trust and respect in order to make better decisions, and to accept and delegate responsibility accordingly.


Entrepreneurial spirit to seek opportunities when most see impossibility. We are optimistic, with a can-do attitude, and demonstrate a willingness to learn from our mistakes.

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The 7 Habits to Conduct Highly Effective Meetings.


Our Partners

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The 7 Habits to Conduct Highly Effective Meetings.


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