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Experience Design Consultancy and Meeting Facilitation Service

Behind every great business leader, is an even greater team!

iSTAQ's Off-Site Design Consultancy team curate extraordinary experiences to energise, engage and empower your greatest assets, so you can pursue your business plans with purpose.  Helping develop a connected culture externally, as well as inside the workplace utilising our products and services. 


iSTAQ's Premium Off-Site Consultancy, have developed a HIGH-VALUE network of Specialist Trainers and Facilitators eager to help combine your internal and external efforts of creating a connected and engaged workforce.

As your business grows, it’s only natural that your team will start to lose sight of the bigger picture. We’re here help you remind them of their shared purpose - to re-engage them with your mission and values. Placing fun at the core of everything we do, our awesome Company Off-Sites are carefully curated to motivate, inspire, and cultivate a company culture your team will never want to leave.

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We put together the small pieces to make your big picture. Tell us your company size, objectives and desired experience / location and we’ll do the rest. One of our Off-Site Design Consultants will be in touch with a tailor-made experience so perfect - with amenities so WOW - you’ll think we read your mind. Well, maybe we did!

Off-Site Design Consultancy services include      

  • Full Service Event and Activity Management & Staffing.         

  • Accommodation and Venue search & reservation        

  • Meeting Facilitation / Guest Speakers on request        

  • Catering Management including Gala Dinners        

  • Full Transfer Services  


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