Become Present & Focused



Healthy phone habit monitoring application and phone storage solutions

Consciously stack and automatically  silence your phone with others. 


Healthy screen-time habits iSTAQ can help you:

Ensure productive & engaging meeting
Encourage face-face connectivity
Focus on tasks & other people
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Healthy Phone Habit Application
Phone Storage Solutions
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Develop healthy phone habits that drive engagement & respect with those you are closest to.

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'Inspire On'

Optimist, author, motivational speaker & organizational consultant.

Simon Sinek


'Best of Luck'

Management theorist, motivational speaker & author.

Morten Hansen


iSTAQ to

Free from Distractions

Open to Engage

Commit to Success

Understand Objectives

Streamline Meetings

—  Adopt the iSTAQ Meeting Mantra to all your Meetings

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Become presently focused to problem-solve collectively.

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Focus on tasks & other people