iSTAQ's Demo Meeting TYPE enables trainers, teachers and large group hosts to instigate a Demo Meetings by issuing a unique code for all participants to join the STAQ.


By consciously STAQ’ing and silencing your phone with others, Chalk Talks helps you develop new collective focus habits; 

  • Ensure productive & engaging presentation;

  • Encourage effective face-to-face connections; and

  • Enhance focus on tasks and other people. 


The key benefit for the presenter is the ability to understand what is the biggest challenge members of the audience are facing at the beginning of the talk.  


The presenter will be able to view at what point people left the Demonstration.  This effectively highlights at what points during the Talk he/she lost the engagement of the audience.


For those participants that stayed in the STAQ and they can receive instantly the material the presenter is willing to share straight after the talk - this could be the presentation, an ebook or simply a website link for further information. No need to capture emails or waste time managing any additional administration.


They will also have the option to record key decisions, lessons and to do's following the Chalk Talk that will help overcome the challenge stated initially.


For up to 20 participants in the audience, there would also be an option to create a Delegation Meetings to help keep each other accountable with the tasks in hand and share best practices and further information.



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