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We will be presenting iSTAQ to Simon Sinek, optimist and renowned leadership expert.

About Us

Recharge & Focus on what Counts!

iSTAQ is doing what it can to help save humanity against the war on phone addiction.  Helping teams, both at home and in the workplace, manage the balance with technology in an increasingly distractive world we live in. 

iSTAQ creates fun, stylish & cross functional phone stacks, working in unison with our software,  to promote habits & develop routines to help users manage their dependency with smart phones and social media.


Encouraging users to have, less time connected to the virtual world and, more time engaging & communicating with those, they are closest to, in reality. 


iSTAQ is tackling a very serious problem with style and purpose! 'Care to be Curious' and give yourself the opportunity to deepen your connections with those that matter!  


Trust grows with time, time that should be spent present!



Software and Hardware to promote Healthy Habits

The iSTAQ App - Recharge & Focus

  • Puts phone into 'Drive Mode'.

  • Attendance recorded of all phones present in the iSTAQ.

  • iSTAQ Reward Points - the incentive to engage in reality - providing a dashboard  and leader board to monitor how connected your family or company culture is.

The iSTAQ Bowl - More Apples Less Apple.

  • The world's first multi-phone charging fruit bowl, holding up to 7 phones and a healthy amount of fruit (or sweets).

  • We will encourage all users of the iSTAQ to ask a question, when inserting their phone in to the bowl.  Great to serve as an icebreaker in the meeting room and stimulate conversation with family around the dinner table.


The iSTAQ Rack - Care to be Curious

  • A rack for up to 35 phones designed for classrooms.

All iSTAQ hardware will automatically activate the iSTAQ App


March 2019 - Company created


May 2019 - Present MVP to Simon Sinek


June 2019 - 3-month accelerator 


September 2019 - Launch Kickstarter campaign 


November 2019 - Ship and Sell More!!


March 2025 -

An iSTAQ rack in every classroom in every school! 

An iSTAQ bowl in every kitchen in every home!

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