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Innsbruck Destination Management

We have put together the ultimate Insbruck DMC & MICE-guide (Meeting, Incentives, Conferences and Events), containing everything you need for a successful conference, gala dinner or corporate event in Innsbruck.

Meeting and Event venues in Innsbruck

For 20 attendees:  

For 50 attendees:  

For 100 attendees:

For 200 attendees: 

For 500 attendees: 

For 1000 attendees: 


Hotels in Innsbruck

1) Radisson Blu Latvia
Reason: Competitive room rates, large room allocation and perfect location with several conference facilities




Restaurants in Innsbruck

1) Biblioteka No1
Reason: Beautiful restaurant located in a very central park, food is fantastic and very well priced. Private hire of the banquet hall is also very competitive and can sit up to 80 people gala style.




Banqueting venues in Innsbruck

1) Small Guild
Reason: 14th century interiors and space to accommodate up to 200 Banquet style



3 must see’s in Innsbruck

1) Riga Old Town
Reason: Riga’s UNESCO-listed Old Town is a fabulous place to spend time, it’s architecture reflecting the changing styles and eras of the city as a whole. For more information about Riga Old Town click here.



Innsbruck incentive ideas and Team Building Activities

1) City snakes and ladders with iPads
Reason: City Snakes and Ladders is perfect for ending a workshop or training day in Riga, since it is a combination of team training, knowledge and a great way to get to know your colleagues better. The game is also a good way to get to know Riga’s sights and attractions in an unusual way.



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​Example small souvenirs / giveaways

1) Amber bracelet / necklace for ladies and amber tie pin for men.

2) Black Balzam and chocolate gift set.

3) Recipe for Success Cook Book compilation of photos and recipes.


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