• Finding a job in Riga - Recruitment partner / Partner CV online - Partner https://www.yourmove.lv/

  • Start Up Visa (Speak to Egita / Andris)

  • Meeting up in Riga (promote our events)….monthly event

  • Work Life balance, Sport - Riga United….Leisure…Kurp.es

  • Registering as a Resident….FAQ’s.  Call to action

  • finding a place to live…..

  • Relocation, Moving, Packing & Settling in

  • Social security & Healthcare, 

  • Private Schools & Kindergartens, 

  • Useful Info

  • Living Costs

  • Learning Latvian

  • Famous Latvians - from TOT

  • Latvian Inforgraphic - FIND. 

  • Videos About Latvia - Drone / time lapse - on Film Page.

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