Mastermind Meetings

Step 1: Goals & Accountability 

Through our combined mind power and network we help each other to make the right decisions, at the right time, to reach your goals.


Step 2: Creating Your Delegation Meeting Ground Rules

The most important thing in running a successful delegation meeting is to have clear expectations for everyone in the group from the very beginning.

  • We are committed to meet every week

  • Leave your ego at the door.

  • Be willing to accept constructive feedback.

  • Hold each other accountable.

  • We embrace competition, but with a foundation of support.


Step 3: Putting Your Delegation Meeting Together

  • Similar experience level

  • Similar ambition levels and desires for achievement

  • Similar values, beliefs, and ethics

  • Limit the number of members of a collective to 20 and the number of messages that can be sent within the group to 5 a day in total.


Step 4: Establishing Your Delegation Meetings

The agenda for your Delegation meetings should be the same every week, and your group should have a scheduled time to meet.

  • Welcome & state mission with Inspirational Quote (INSTIGATE)

  • A short update on the previous week (all members) (SYNERGISE)

  • Hot seat — critical questions. (THINK)

  • Everyone shares potential answers and states goals for the coming week (AGREE)




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