iSTAQ provides the CUE for a presently focused on & off-line meetings, thus eliminating distractions and driving engagement.


iSTAQ develops HABITS to help optimise your most valuable assets, your time and people. 


iSTAQ drives and prompts ROUTINE decision-making, immediately after every meeting.



Pre Meeting

iSTAQ helps you to create a lot more impactful agenda, by not only setting the time but also the type of meeting -  that you can share with the right people for the right meeting. Different types of meetings require different times in each stage.


During Meeting

The most important thing in running a successful meeting is to have clear expectations for

everyone in the group from the very beginning. By placing your phone in the STAQ. You become Present….and FOCUSED! At different stages of the meeting you need to focus on different areas. The iSTAQ time tracker prompts you accordingly to focus on these habits at each stage / colour in the meeting.    

  • Free from distractions 

  • Open to engage 

  • Commit to success 

  • Understand objectives

  • Share ideas

  • Evaluate on merit

  • Decisions - Record & Share your To-Do's! 


Post Meeting

iSTAQ enables you to continuously improve the quality of your meetings by intuitively: Recording 'What decisions were made?'





iSTAQ's Demo Meeting TYPE enables trainers, teachers and large group hosts to instigate

a Demo Meetings by issuing a unique code for all participants to join the STAQ.


Key Benefit for the Presenter:

The ability to understand what is the biggest challenge members of the audience are facing at the beginning of the talk.  When typing the code in - they are asked to type what they are hoping to achieve/learn. 


Key Benefit for the Participants:

Receive instantly the material the presenter is willing to share straight after the talk - this could be the powerpoint presentation, an ebook or simply a website link for further information. No need to capture emails or waste time managing any additional administration. They will also have the option to record key decisions, lessons and to do's immediately after the meeting.


Follow Up

For up to 20 participants in the audience, there would also be an option to create a Delegation Meeting to help keep each other accountable with the tasks in hand and share best practices and further information.





Step 1: Same time and place!

Every month where you invite the top management people in your company. Make sure to make it the SAME DAY and time every month. You need everyone to be committed to these deep-think meetings - it is not about finding time, it is about making time! Same day every month and everyone needs to be there!


Step 2:  Have only 1 topic that you are going to discuss

Focus on 1 point only that needs to be discussed, analyzed and evaluated. Discuss openly...Where are we going? What is the competition doing? Share and evaluate ideas for this, one and only, topic! Go deep and think big, it might even materialise that the topic in question is not the key problem you are facing and unearth other ways to tackle the issue in hand.


Step 3. Deep-think and then Delegate.

Every human need to dream and think-deep! Dreams and deep-thinks relieve the fears of the past and instigate hopes of the future. You need to have periodic dreaming to keep the company moving. Where are we going? What do we want? What are the possibilities? Dreaming as a team, rather than dreaming as an individual entrepreneur will it even more effective. This is especially important when your company is facing a problem or a change, it is crucial to have a look at, and redefine the challenge.


Which brings us to rule number two: Aim to make a final decision but do not delegate in this meeting! Follow up a Dream Meeting with a Delegation Meeting. This helps create a clear action plan to your Blue Sky Dream meeting. 





Step 1: Goals & Accountability 

Through our combined mind power and network we help each other to make the right decisions, at the right time, to reach your goals.


Step 2: Putting Your Action-Plan Meeting Together

  • Similar experience level

  • Similar ambition levels and desires for achievement

  • Similar values, beliefs, and ethics

  • Limit the number of members of a collective to 20 and the number of messages that can be sent within the group to 5 a day in total.


Step 3: Establishing Your Action-Plan Meetings

The agenda for your Delegation meetings should be the same every week, and your group should have a scheduled time to meet.

  • Welcome & state mission with Inspirational Quote 

  • A short update on the previous week (all members) 

  • Hot seat — critical questions. 

  • Everyone shares potential answers and states goals for the coming week 



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