Thinking of relocating to Latvia? 

Riga Out There can make this experience one to embrace, rather than fear! We can help you transition into your new life in Riga with ease and confidence! 

We are in the process of completing guide to living, working and playing in Riga. For now, should you need any assistance in the following areas please do not hesitate to contact us and we will put you in touch with the our team of professionals to assist!

  • Finding a job in Riga 

  • Start Up Visa 

  • Meeting up in Riga 

  • Work Life balance, Sport, Leisure and Social Guide

  • Registering as a Resident

  • Finding a place to live

  • Relocation, Moving, Packing & Settling in

  • Social security & Healthcare

  • Private Schools & Kindergartens

  • Useful Info

  • Living Costs

  • Learning Latvian​

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