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We believe the stage if briefing and the floor is for connecting. Too often events and conferences are organised with very little 'real time' engagement and interaction from those attending.  Too little time and attention is focussed on getting the audience really connecting with each other, in person as well as virtually. Each company’s success greatly depends on the relations among its employees, their trust in each other, their sense of responsibility and professionalism. The 3-C Cultivator workshop we have prepared is focuses on communicating, connecting and collaborating with purpose and learning how to achieve these fundamental values amongst all participants.


Back in 2010, IBM conducted a major study and asked 1500 CEO’s around the world. Questions: What was the single most important quality need to possess to be a successful leader going forward? The answer - Creativity.  


Travel Out There's PURPOSEFUL PLAY EXPERIENCES are designed to be incorporated within a conference programme to encourage delegates to connect, communicate and collaborate with purpose by:

  • 'reigniting' their creative edge

  • improving their pitching and presentation skills

  • increasing assertiveness

  • helping reinforce key values 

  • connecting though shared experiences.


Our trained facilitators will ensure your conference or event is 'remarkable' and the standard workshop is split in to 3 parts, Pitch Training, Team Assertiveness and Intuition and Creativity challenge.  The total length of the workshop is between 2 to 3 hours. We tailor the workshop to your key objectives incorporating some of the fun challenges below.


Ice breakers and engergisers are a great way to help kick start your meeting or team building activity. Alternatively, they can be incorporated in to your conference to help refresh and rejuvenate your delegates.


Our team building facilitators will tailor a range of tasks and games dependent on the group size, location and timings.  Our range of ice brakers and energisers range from 5 minutes to one hour.

Ice breakers and energisers can be designed specifically for your needs and requirements hence please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any ideas or special requirements that you would like the Travel Out There team to assist you with.


The Great Egg Drop is a very funny but messy team building activity. Each group has to design and build a contraption that will safely house an egg as it plummets to the ground from eight foot in the air. We will provide all the eggs, tools and materials...you just need to provide the creative and innovative ideas to bring home your egg safe and sound.


The key to effective networking is to be 'interested rather than interesting'. We help introverts gain the confidence to be 'interested' and extraverts not fall in to trap of being overly 'interesting'. This is a great training programme to ensure your whole team can actively promote the company they work for in an engaging fashion.


The real magic of this workshop is not the standard What and Why you do what you do! It is learning how to customise your 'Wow' to the recipient and learning new ways to understand your 'Who' you are providing value to!  Some simple and engaging team exercises will help you, and your whole team, be more assertive in sharing their 'story'.  The tips and tools you aquire will help bring more drive your purpose with confidence and clarity. CLICK HERE to read more about creating a 'perfect pitch' on our blog


Each team have an investment portfolio of 50 products presented to them on the Ipad. They have to work under time pressures Choose a minimum of 20 products that you would like to invest in. THESE IDEAS ARE REAL! INVEST into successful ideas and SKIP unsuccessful ideas. This will earn you shown amount of money. Skipping successful ideas and investing into unsuccessful ones you will lose the money. ​



What all great leaders do is generally not look at what has been done in the past – instead they have a flexibility of thought and entertain new ways of looking at things. Essentially they are quite child like..’dreamers’.  Untouched – naive in outlook, Not scared to give things a go!  Exactly what you used to be as a passionate and enthusiasitic child. In the second part of the workshop, we want you to create your own prototype of a game using simple everyday items: eg 1 small roll of duct tape (e.g. 10 yards), 6 decorator balloons (e.g. 12”),  12 wooden clothespegs, 1 newspaper.  



Stronger connections develop when we start to identify eachothers best qualities, hobbies and shared interests. This quick game can do all of this. Players mingle and ask one another key questions to help complete their Social Bingo Score sheet by putting each others names in brackets that fit the relevant description. Click here to download the Social Bingo Score Sheet. Once you have played the game for 10-15 minutes we would recommend reviewing the results by asking for a show of hands on each point and asking one person for each question to elaborate further. 



This problem solving activity will make your players work shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm and toe to toe. A team has to fit within a square on the ground. Then continually reduce the surface area of square, players having to work harder and harder to get everyone within the area. This game can be played as a competition game, where teams work against each other, but also works perfectly for just one group.



This crazy activity will bring the best out of any group. Teams up 5 people compete to create the best outfit out of a roll of bin bags. Each team will assign one model and the battle begins. Time is limited and each team prepares a small presentation for their outfit. This activity is so unique that its almost impossible to get it wrong, works for kids as well as adults and trust me, you can't imagine what people might come up with. 



In this game teams up to 6 people work in groups to create an imaginary product that will make the world a better place. Money is no obstacle. Manufacturing is no obstacle. Teams then conduct a live a pitch on stage to the rest of the group. Other teams then ask questions about the products. Only rule – No teleport devices allowed. 



If you lack a friendly and positive atmosphere within your workspace then this will be a cultural game changer. Players talk positive gossip about each other in a fixed order, but the person they are talking about has his or her back towards the others. He/she can hear, but there is no eye contact. You have to experience this one to believe it. It works wonders and will definitely crack even the hardest shell. 

Contestants are given a pen to write down the name of their team / location / logo. Twist: pen is tied to several ropes, each team member has to hold a rope and then need to coordinate among themselves to write. Paper is flat on the floor.

Each team is given a piece of paper. They have to construct the tallest free-standing structure possible.


Contestants must blow small paper balls into the middle of the target, that is put on the table. The more balls come into play, the more difficult it is to keep the balls in the centre. Contestants are encouraged to design their own plan of attack in order to score the highest possible score. The game ends either when the allotted time is up or when the team reached the predetermined score.


The game is set on a large field where the mines are randomly distributed. The game is played in teams of two, where one person is blindfolded and the other is to lead the ‘blind’ through the minefield safely using only his or her own voice (giving instructions). Penalties can be set for ‘triggering mines’. Best time wins.


Teams of two, sitting back to back. One person is given a picture, the other a pen and a paper. The first person must give verbal instructions on how to draw the picture without actually verbalizing what is in the picture. Later compare pictures and discuss how well the instructions were given.


Instructor builds a structure (using lego or something similar). Teams have to recreate (rebuild) the same structure. Each team can send one contestant to check the sculpture for 30s. Then they are given 1 minute to build it. After 1 minute another contestant can approach the sculpture and is given 15s to check it. Then the team has another 30s to improve or change the sculpture. 

Perhaps teams are required to recreate a famous building or sculpture in the destination city by using lego. Teams are given the exact same number of lego blocks and one platform piece. Then they need to bring the sculpture back to the instructor to have it evaluated.

CASE STUDY: Radisson Blu Top Management Training and away day
Event description 

The day started with a four hour strategic Adizes workshop, followed by a two course lunch. After lunch it was time for Creative Team Challenge and a Dragon's Den style business workshop, designed and taillored to help develop creativity, intuition and assertiveness. The workshop was followed by an Ice Sculpture activity and ended with a culinary team build led by a professional chef.   

  • Client: Radisson

  • Group size: 15 Pax

  • Destination:  Riga

  • Event: Strategic Away day



"'We were delighted with the organisation of our Corporate Away Day. The activities helped engage the team to work, play and think together and were thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Thank you!'"

Ronald Smithjes, Radisson Blu


CASE STUDY 2: APM TERMINALS Assertiveness Workshop

  • Client: APM Terminals

  • Group size: 100 Pax

  • Destination:  Amsterdam

  • Event: Conference Workshop 

  • Services: Science of Persuasion workshop


Event description 


Event Objectives 

1. people realize the importance of assertiveness/persuasion in their roles if they want to get things done.  

2. to go home with some easy tips/tricks that can be applied in their jobs 

3. Having some fun together!​

Testimonial from event participants:

  • “The workshop was loads of fun and placed many of us out of our comfort zone and "forced" interaction and participation. I learned personally I am not a wise investor, but have purchased several perfect parent for the upcoming holidays”

  • “It afford everyone to see what we are doing that makes change in behavior at work place difficult, what we as leaders in our various capacity need to improve to get the attention of all with respect to safe work practice and transformation change. The manner with which the game was organized closely manifest our actions at work and what can be done to improve.” 


Testimonial from event organisers:

  • “The workshop was loads of fun and placed many of us out of our comfort zone and "forced" interaction and participation. I learned personally I am not a wise investor, but have purchased several perfect parent for the upcoming holidays”

  • “It afford everyone to see what we are doing that makes change in behavior at work place difficult, what we as leaders in our various capacity need to improve to get the attention of all with respect to safe work practice and transformation change. The manner with which the game was organized closely manifest our actions at work and what can be done to improve.” Estella Madna APM Terminals

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